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ViewTwo Gallery: Virtual Imperial Summer Palace

shang.poster19 – 25 August

Open daily 12.00 – 17.00


Liverpool’s View Two Gallery is this month hosting the first ever public showing in the UK of an exhibition from China showing how computer magic has re-created an Imperial Palace destroyed during the Opium Wars.
British and French Forces left the extensive Yuanminguang, the old Summer Palace, in ruins in 1860, and to this day it remains as a historic reminder of the invasion.
For more than a decade a team of academics, led by esteemed Beijing architect, Prof Guo Daiheng (Tsinghua University, Beijing) have used computer technology to show how the Summer Palace would have looked before it was attacked.
Visitors will see a display of amazing pictures and illustrations showing Yuanmingyuan, and be able to watch on a large screen how computer technology has turned back the clock to show how it looked prior to 1860.
For more information: http://www.viewtwogallery.co.uk

View Two Gallery: 23 Mathew Street, Liverpool, L2 6RE.