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National Conservation Centre – ‘Metropolis’

Opens Friday March 21 to August 10 2008

Featuring over 60 images from the archives of Stewart Bale Ltd, a photographic practice based in Liverpool, the display spans a period of great change for the city.

Taken between the 1930’s and 1970’s the evocative photographs give a remarkable insight into landmark buildings, cutting edge developments, great events and city life.

Monumental in scale and beautifully composed, the photographs reflect a Victorian city embracing modernity and industrialisation and are of particular resonance as Liverpool enters 2008, its Capital of Culture year, during a time of massive regeneration.

Curator of photographic archives Anne Gleave said: ‘Stewart Bale Ltd created a legacy of major importance, combining outstanding craftsmanship with a unique record of Liverpool’s changing face during a significant period of social and industrial change and development.

The photographs can be read as a visual record of their client’s aspirations and achievements towards modernisation and advancement within the city, whether it be the latest interior of a self service shop or a major engineering feat such as the Queensway Mersey tunnel. The images are visually strong and look back to positive aspects of Liverpool’s more recent history’.

Highlights include:

  • Images of stunning architectural projects such as the Georges Dock building, Liverpool’s cathedrals and Martins Bank.
  • Rare views of groundbreaking engineering projects such as the Queensway Mersey tunnel and Overhead Railway.
  • Detailed scenes of great city events such as the launch of Mauretania II.
  • A collection of fascinating scenes showing people at work. Photographs of Meccano Ltd and Ford’s factory show Liverpool as a powerful industrial hub.
  • Beautiful shots of Liverpool attractions such as the Abbey Cinema and New Brighton Baths

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