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Conservation Centre – Recollections by Philip Jones Griffiths

image RECOLLECTIONS:  Philip Jones Griffiths photography exhibition. 17 October 2008 – 15 March 2009

Evocative images by celebrated photographer Philip Jones Griffiths. The first display of his work since Griffiths died in March this year, the exhibition will feature around 60 images of Britain in the 1950s and 60s.

One of the greatest photographers of the twentieth century, Griffiths’ depiction of the Vietnam War redefined photojournalism and provided a window on the actions of America.

Recollections will showcase lesser known but equally engaging images of Britain, and in particular Liverpool, at a time of social and political change.

imageBorn in Rhuddlan, Wales, Griffiths took photographs of local weddings and day-trippers whilst still at school, creatively influenced by Liverpool artist and friend Adrian Henri who was evacuated to nearby Rhyl.

Speaking earlier this year Griffiths remembered fondly his time spent in Liverpool: ‘In my youth Liverpool was the unofficial capital of North Wales. It was where I went to expand my horizons, experience the world outside my village. It provided a mix of enlightenment and education and an early experience of multiculturalism. The bustling seaport city became my favourite!’

Highlights of Recollections include:

  • Evocative images of 1950s Liverpool street scenes.
  • Striking photographs of the conflict in Northern Ireland.
  • An insight into the 1950s and 60s cultural scene including revealing shots of the Beatles, Adrian Henri, Lawrence Olivier and Norman Wisdom.
  • Captivating images of London life, from Buckingham Palace to Battersea Park, Piccadilly Circus to Pentonville prison.                   
  • Fascinating portraits of protests and political figures such as Tony Benn and Harold MacMillan.
  • Slideshow of Griffiths most important pictures from Vietnam.             

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National Museums Liverpool,  Marketing & Communications,  127 Dale Street,  Liverpool,  L2 2JH  United Kingdom