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Edge Hill – Horse Power

Horse Power’ Exhibition open Friday 12th September – Saturday 1st November 2008
Just back from their critically acclaimed ‘ETERNAL YOUTH’ exhibition in Beijing, AL and AL have curated a new group exhibition of International and Liverpool based artists at METAL, Edge Hill Station.


Opening on the 12th of September, ‘HORSE POWER’ will mark Edge Hill Station as the place from where Stephenson first conceived of replacing horses with machines as a way of transporting people across the Earth.

Horse Power will feature works by AL and AL, Iain Andrews, Katriona Beales, Anna Benson, Toby Clarkson, Ferrari, Malcolm LeGrice, Naïve John, Steven Klein, Philip McHugh, Tim Macmillan, Grant Morrison, Eadweard Muybridge, Wolfgang Peterson and Tony Smith.

imageThe exhibition will feature a number of important works by international and Liverpool based artists such as Tim Macmillan’s ground breaking bullet time photographic video work ‘Dead Horse’ which captures a horse at the moment of assassination from 360 degrees. The film went on to inspire the Oscar winning special effects in ‘The Matrix’ movie.

Screening in Edge Hill’s new cinema space on platforms 3 & 4 is Malcolm LeGrice’s dreamlike materialist film ‘Berlin Horse’.

The exhibition will also feature emerging talent from Liverpool, including Naïve John’s extraordinary oil paintings of Centaurs. Archive material includes a film by the Ferrari car manufacturer showing how their engines are built. The exhibition will explore how the horse, although replaced by the engine during the industrial revolution, continues to be an enduring symbol of power.

What did celebrity icon Bianca Jagger ride into Studio 54?

What animal symbol appears on every Ferrari engine?

What unites the insanity of Nietzsche to the death of Superman?

How did the Godfather get Johnny Fontane his next Hollywood movie?

What did the inventor James Watt measure the power of his engines to?

What was set free from transporting humans at Edge Hill station?

The invention of the moving image and bullet time photography began by taking the image of what animal?

Find all the answers and many more questions in HORSE POWER, a site specific exhibition of films, paintings, photographs and archive material at METAL, Edge Hill Station.

HORSE POWER is the first in a series of exhibitions inspired by Edge Hill Station, the first passenger railway station in the world.

“To us, the moment 8:17 A.M. means something – something very important, if it happens to be the starting time of our daily train. To our ancestors, such an odd eccentric instant was without significance – did not even exist. In inventing the locomotive, Watt and Stephenson were part inventors of time.”