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Corke Art Gallery: ‘Unholy Heart’ by Ernesto Muñiz

2 – 21 July 2011 at Corke Art Gallery.  ‘Unholy Heart’ by Ernesto Muñiz

Mexican artist Ernesto Muñiz  – new collection of large collages.  Ernesto was one of fifteen young artists selected from six Latin American countries (from over 5,000 applicants) to be presented to HRH Queen Sophia of Spain and be part of the “Weight and Lightness” exhibition organised by the Instituto Cervantes as part of PhotoEspaña 2011. Ernesto’s collages were used as the official exhibition posters, one featured as the main cover picture for the exhibition catalogue and four were reproduced as huge prints in the actual exhibition areas.

‘Unholy Heart’ will feature new collages made during his eleven day residency at the Corke Art Gallery and like much of Ernesto’s award winning work they focus on compelling issues that are challenging, redemptive, familiar and humorous.

Collage is a familiar and popular art form, often practiced by children and adults of all ages but few ever achieve a clear and compelling narrative.  Ernesto Muñiz collages encourage the viewer to look and take in the complex arrangement of images and objects he creates.  On their own, in their original format, the images usually convey a clear and simple meaning but as part of a finely composed collage they take on a new life, one that has the power to convey strong themes, make the viewer think more, highlight the funny side of darker matters or just offer a visual feast of colour and imagery that entertains and takes one to a different place.

Entry to the exhibition is free and it is open to the public on Tuesday to Friday 2pm – 6pm, Saturday 10 am – 2 pm or by appointment.