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On Nadim Karam by Alex Hetherington

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The front page of the Independents website is looking more interesting lately.
Currently there is a feature on the Beirut-based watercolourist Nadim Karam written by Alex Hetherington which is well worth reading.

Only Dream Bombs, Wandering, and the Watercolour War Corres(des)pondent.
Nadim Karam, Beirut-based artist, architect and world traveller has a simple response to the seemingly simple and easy and fast decision to wage a thirty-day war in the Lebanon, filled with agony and atrocity, pain and displacement, in response to the capture of two Israeli soldiers. He paints pictures. It’s this tension of response and retaliation, of question and answer, of big gun, bigger impact, huge explosion, tiny ripple that makes his recent art in reaction to the Middle-East crisis seem so compelling. They are at once beautifully engaging, naively rendered, utterly alluring and describe the worst. Just the worst.


Nadam Karam’s watercolours “The Beirut Series and its Effect on Global Warming” can be seen Upstairs at Editions, 16 Cook Street, Liverpool. From 16th September to 21st October 2006.

Nadim Karam’s “Sketch Journal” can be seen at
museumMAN, Parliament Street. From 16th September to 24th November 2006.