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‘Sunken Sounds – Tunnelled Visions’

SunkenSounds.jpgNoise Club presents:

‘Sunken Sounds – Tunnelled Visions’

An evening of hypnotic subterranean soundscapes exploring Liverpool’s Williamson Tunnels through sound and vision.

The tunnels’ unique acoustics and atmosphere provide a stunning backdrop for Noise Club’s distinctive blend of audio-visual experimentation. Featuring a diverse array of instrumentation – from the violin and guitar to laptop, bulbul tarang and sonic sculpture – accompanied by live drawing and video projection.

7:30pm, Thursday 14th September.
@The Williamson Tunnels Heritage Centre

Tickets at £3 each are now available from Williamson Tunnels Heritage Centre, either in person (Tuesday to Sunday 10am to 5pm) or by post enclosing a stamped addressed envelope for the return of your tickets. (cheques payable to The Joseph Williamson Society).

Book now to avoid disappointment!

The postal address is:
Williamson Tunnels Heritage Centre,
The Old Stableyard,
Smithdown Lane,
L7 3EE

Williamson Tunnels Heritage Centre

Noise Club / Hyperion