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Photoblog: Tickle The Ivories

Last Friday we enjoyed following the parade around Liverpool ONE to see a brief performance on each of the five pianos.

You can see the current line-up on the website and I think you can still book a slot.

Tickle the Ivories
The Liverpool ONE Piano Festival

1st July – 4th September 2011

Pianos have been placed in the streets in five locations, across Liverpool ONE in the heart of the city centre, transforming the streets of Liverpool ONE into open-air musical promenades for a shared exploration and celebration of music.

Musicians, singers, bands, choirs, dancers, performers including schools and community groups are all invited to book free timeslots to perform with and around the pianos at the most popular times of day. It’s a unique opportunity to promote your act, try your hand at busking, fundraise or take part simply because you just love to perform! With footfall of over half a million visits each week at Liverpool ONE your performance is sure to strike a chord with the public and a sure fire way to get yourself noticed…

Audience members are also invited to make a song and dance and entertain their friends, family and onlookers with their own musical style during ‘Free Play Fun’ times every day.

Who can book a timeslot?

You can be a professional or amateur musician or band, a talented community group, school choir or charity with a keen ear for a tune or a fledgling act looking for a spot of street stardom. A wide range of performance styles are welcome from classical to contemporary, folk to funk or jazz to jitterbug! Or you could perform music theatre, dance, and event puppet theatre with the piano as accompaniment, anything an audience will enjoy.

How to book

Complete the online form and tell us all about your act and preferred performance dates and times:

If you have any questions you can get in touch with Charlotte or Christina at Open Culture on 0151 478 4550 or by email to

All photos © Minako Jackson