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St Luke’s Bombed Out Church: The 0336 Project Halloween

27 October


WWII stories of destruction and survival comes to life at the Bombed Out Church this Halloween

On Sunday, 27 October, witness the incredible stories of destruction and survival during the Blitz in Liverpool as a special, free Halloween production breathes life into Liverpool’s fascinating history at the Bombed Out Church (St Luke’s Church).

The dramatic movement theatre production The 0336 Project will mark the moment in 1941 – at exactly 03:36 – when St Luke’s Great Bell fell from the fire engulfed tower – the death knell of the church – as three hours earlier the monument was hit by an incendiary bomb during a seven day Blitz that devastated Liverpool.

Now national youth service somewhereto_ and Manchester’s Movement Theatre for education company Reforma have come together to stage a free, daring and exciting performance especially for audiences of Liverpool.

This moving dialogue between young people and survivors of WWII had been ignited by two exceptionally talented young choreographers from Reforma Movement Theatre, Rosie Hynes and Danny Kennedy who are inviting you to come along and enjoy a daring and exciting performance which dances between fact and fairytale.

Be inspired by the incredible stories of the WWII survivors of the seven day Blitz which brought the city centre to its knees – and be enchanted by the dark fairytale of ‘The Lost Liver Bird’ which remains perfectly intact in a stained glass window within St Luke’s itself.

Rosie Hynes from Reforma said: ‘We are so excited to work within this historical building and to create conversation between the young people of Liverpool and those who remember the seven day Blitz that brought the city to its knees and saw the devastation with their own eyes. We hope this visually exciting piece, coupling Liverpool local performers and our unique style of choreography, will both educate and entertain our audience with a piece we made about their city, for their city.’

Reforma Artistic Director, Heather Adele Kirkpatrick, added: ‘somewhereto_ offers young people the opportunity to turn ideas into reality, in this case it is in the role of our inspiring, young, talented choreographers Rosie Hynes and Daniel Kennedy. This is a

fantastic opportunity for anyone that wants to perform in an
innovative fashion!’

somewhereto_ is funded by a £7m injection from the Big Lottery Fund,
granted in December 2012 to support its UK-wide expansion over the
following four years.


Audience members are invited to bring their own torches!

For any more information about The 0336 Project please contact Claire
Williams at