Saturday, July 20, 2024

Pre-Paid Postcard Auction 2009


Having seen all the Pre-Paid postcards at Cornerstone last night, we are really looking forward to the Auction on Wednesday 9 December 2009. We picked a couple of bargains last time and the quality of artwork this year is very high indeed.

You can now see images of all the postcards and the names of the artists on the Cornerstone website but of course it does say who did which.

All of the works will be exhibited on-line to view until 4pm on Wednesday 9th December 2009. On that date, between 6.30pm onwards (refreshments start at 5.30pm) a blind auction will be hosted by Paul O’Keeffe providing an exceptional opportunity to bid for these works. The proceeds will be donated to The Artists’ Benevolent Institution.

The minimum bid will be £10.

If you are unable to attend the auction but would like to place a silent bid then please e-mail detailing your full name, home address and daytime telephone number together with your silent bid offer. You may be contacted by telephone to confirm your offer.

Full details