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Look11 – Birth Not Worth Photozine Available

As part of Look11, Liverpool’s International Photography Festival, Tony Mallon delivered a community photo project in Kensington, Liverpool. A photozine was produced with elderly residents. 4,000 copies were distrubted during the festival.

You can download a pdf of the photozine here (6MB)

Birth not Worth Project.
Are our ambitions and achievements dictated by where we are born?
Can photography take an effective role in addressing social issues?

Available in all Look11 venues, pick up a copy of Re: Generation, the new community photozine by participants from the ‘Birth not Worth’ project.

The publication is a unique presentation of the participants’ lives, in particular elderly people living in the Kensington area. A 4 week creative workshop programme delivered by Bit Byte Art and Digit in the Rib, in partnership with Riverside Housing, enabled the participants’ stories to be incorporated using family album photos, photographic portraits and photomontages.

Out of group discussions some accompanying text in the newspaper offers thoughts and feelings around issues such as social mobility and poses questions to audiences: have people from disadvantaged communities been able to determine their own future, rather than have their life story written according to the circumstances of their birth?

Have peoples’ skills, talents, abilities and dreams been held back, neglected or lost?
Can photography take an effective role in addressing social issues?