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Creature Feature in Lewis’s Shop Window


This is a clever bit of fun and one of 3 exhibitions currently in Lewis’s Windows on Renshaw Street.

Difficult to photograph not just because of the reflections but also the creatures kept moving quite fast as they followed other passers-by! When I first approached the window the ‘safety curtain’ was down – I though it was closed but then after a few seconds the curtain went up and the animation started. Then when the street goes quiet the curtain comes down again and the next show is different characters – great!

Info from Facebook…

This is an interactive video installation featuring artwork by Zoë Darnell, which is then animated and brought to life by Stuart Lanceley, so that a previously empty shop window in what used to be the Lewis’s department store in Liverpool City Centre, now becomes home to a collection of cute, strange and curious creatures that will react to the movement of passers-by.

The installation will run for 6 weeks, from the end of February until mid April 2011.

It has been commissioned by the Shops Upfront, a Culture Liverpool initiative enabling artists to access empty shops in the city centre for short-term exhibitions, workshops and art events.
From interactive photography installations and inspiring workshops to musical performances, Shops Upfront encourages artists to animate vacant spaces using a wide range of multimedia art forms, providing family-friendly fun to brighten up the streets.