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Bradd Winfield ‘Mayday’ at the International

34 Slater Street, after becoming EDGEspace for a few months has reverted to the International gallery – playing havoc with my listings pages but never mind, at least it’s still a gallery and with the lovely Sreenadelica gig poster show last week followed by this fine collection of illustrative work by Bradd Winfield it’s well worth a regular visit.

Bradd Winfield gets through quite a few biros. The works pictured above may look like thick bold lines but are actually drawn in fine blue biro. He often draws onto old books or re-uses other papers such as an old passport or the back of a Japanese map.

27 May – 3 June 2011. ”Mayday’ – Illustration Exhibition by Bradd Winfield at the International Gallery, Slater St.
The Mayday Exhibition is a celebration of failure; a tongue in cheek look the wrong way, through the cracked lens of a second hand telescope, back in time to the human subconscious and all its detritus.

It’s an inquisitive poke with a stick at the overlooked,  a fondle with the sticky fingers of nostalgia and the cautious sniff of surreal dark humour.