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A Closer Look – Stephen Collett at Dot Art

c. Stephen Collett
c. Stephen Collett

I really like this latest series of paintings by Stephen Collett at Dot Art. A neat idea well executed.

A Closer Look – Stephen Collett
at Dot Art
31 January – 11 March 2011

dot-art’s first exhibition of 2011 explores the physical act of viewing art and the concept of the art gallery from the point of view of the audience. Stephen Collett has produced a series of large scale oil paintings around this fascinating subject, which challenge the viewer to consider their own reaction to not only these works, but all pieces of art.

The artist explains:
“I wanted to produce a collection which responded to the interaction between the artist and the viewer. Art isn’t art if it doesn’t provoke a reaction and as an artist I have become fascinated by the way that  reaction is expressed.”