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Artwork of the Day – The Black Room

BAFC_Installation8.jpgLiverpool artwork of the day – Tuesday March 20 2007. ‘The Black Room’ in THE GHOSTS OF SONGS: A Retrospective of the Black Audio Film Collective at FACT Feb 2 – April 1 2007

Photo: Nathan Cox

Gallery 2: Disenchantments: 1990-1998

The Black Room

As a group authored space of memory, The Black Room commemorates ideas that formed group practice. Two hexagonal chambers; the first is organised around the texts important to the formation of the BAFC, the second is structured around the music that inspired the artists.

Formed in 1982 and dissolved in 1997, the seven person Black Audio Film Collective (BAFC) was one of the most important artist groups to emerge in the 1980s. Their film works and experiments consistently challenged traditional notions of the moving image, whilst their emphasis on collectivity questioned the nature of artistic authorship. As a result, their work has had a major influence on artists throughout the UK, Europe and America.

British audiences have had little chance to experience the Collective’s oeuvre for themselves and this retrospective at FACT offers a diverse audience the first opportunity to engage with this rich body of work.

Ending soon, don’t miss it.