Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Thursday is the new Friday

Elizabeth Willow Dunn & Jankowski - Click to enlarge

I’m sure most private viewings used to take place on Fridays. Now they all clash on Thursdays. Perhaps the idea was to avoid the weekend but now, for me at least, the weekend is even longer.

So last Thursday was a bit of a rush. Having been to the World museum (see previous posting) I walked up to Microzine in Bold Street for the book signing. Here Christian Jankowski was signing his book which accompanies his exhibition at FACT, ‘Everything Fell Together’. As a bit of a publicity stunt, FACT and/or Microzine had asked members of the public to come up with an alternative spelling for Christian’s name. Steve Dunn (pictured here), a teacher at Broadgreen High School, suggested Christian Yank Housie. This was then printed onto a T shirt, seen here, and badges.

Onto FACT itself and we all got one of the badges in our ‘goodie bags’ on entry. I went on the pre-preview tour, I enjoyed the exhibition and will be returning to do a proper review at some point soon.
Lots of drink provided by Peroni Nastro Azzurro / Microzine so a taxi was required for a quick trip across town to catch the viewing at Cornerstone. Here we have more interesting installations from Becca Backhouse and Elizabeth Willow. Again, a full review to follow later.
Then, the long walk back to 3345 Parr st. for the after-show party with Ian McNabb on the turn-tables (or itunes more like)
After all that Friday was disappointing, nothing much happening. A redistribution of art activities is urgently required.