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St. Helens Open at 5aThegallery

cooperat5a.jpgAt 5athegallery in St. Helens until July18th 2006 is the exhibition of the St. Helens Open Art Competition.

The annual competition is open only to people living, working or studying in St. Helens and the exhibition is hosted jointly by the Rainford Gallery and 5a.

Unfortunately the Rainford half finished last Saturday so we missed that but the overall quality of the work at 5a is pretty good I think. Pictured here is the 2nd prize winner ‘Man in Glass’ by Barry Cooper.
The maximum size for artworks was set to 1m by 1m which means they can display more pieces.
Some others that caught my attention are David Stanley’s ‘Amstel Joy’ which won the Abstract Theme prize, Karen Adamson’s ‘Reed Bank’, Cathryn Hegarty’s mixed media picture, Glyn Davies’s ‘Forgotten Garden’ which won the Cultural Theme prize and Paul Cousins’ ‘Morning, Noon and Midnight’ Triptych.

5athegallery also sell canvas prints and specialise in printing onto glass. They also have a small but good selection of Stuart Sutcliffe prints.

We also went to the World of Glass Museum which is an interesting place, the glass-blowing demonstration is good fun.