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Perform Your Poems on the Big Screen

nothing.jpgReason to Rhyme.

Times running out. Don’t miss the opportunity to see yourself on the Big Screen in Clayton Square performing your own work.
Enter the Nothing Rhymes with Poets competition, deadline 16 May

From the initial submissions, a shortlist of poets will be given the opportunity to enhance their poetry performance skills to prepare them for a live audition. From the audition five people will be selected to take part in a short film to be broadcast on BBC Big Screen Liverpool throughout September and will receive a cash prize.

Harry Hawkins, Nothing Rhymes With Poets 2005 participant

My sister walked out of Tesco’s under the Big Screen to see me for the first time in years. She phoned me to say: “can you hear it?” My image, regaling a peace march, echoing around Clayton Square, on a big screen, everyday for a few months. For me it was about identity, a search for identity, I didn’t know I was from Liverpool until I left Liverpool! And I didn’t know I was a poet! But I do now.