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National Museums Liverpool – Biggest and Best

Economic Impact Report
Liverpool’s museums are the jewel in the crown of the region

A report published today emphasises the importance of culture in the regional economy. The study, carried out by London School of Economics and Political Science, outlines the contribution National Museums Liverpool makes to employment, tourism and the image of the region.

With total annual incoming resources (turnover) at £30.2 million National Museums Liverpool is the largest cultural organisation in the North West, employing over 620 full time and part time staff. It is the only national museum service in England based entirely outside London.

The eight museums and galleries that make up National Museums Liverpool attract over 1.5 million visitors per year. About half of the 225,000 overseas visitors who come to Liverpool visit National Museums Liverpool venues, showing that cultural attractions are a key pull factor for tourists to the region.

The total expenditure of both British and overseas visitors to National Museums Liverpool has been calculated at around £25 million, including money spent in surrounding businesses. The report also calculates the wider effect of spending in the region, the National Museums Liverpool budget spent by its staff as well as money spent by visitors, and this is estimated to be in the range of £65.9 million to £74.6 million.

National Museums Liverpool facts, at a glance:
Over 1.5 million visitors in 2004/05
£30.2 million turnover in 2004/05
Estimated £25 million total expenditure by visitors
Estimated £65.9 – £74.6 million total investment as a result of National Museums Liverpool
623 full time and part time staff employed at National Museums Liverpool
At least 1600 jobs depend on National Museums Liverpool
NML institutions are a key ‘pull factor’ in bringing overseas visitors to Liverpool

Full Details on the NML website.