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Musical Inspirations (RLPO) – Claire Stringer

claire stringerThere’s an exhibition of Claire Stringer‘s paintings inspired by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra in the bar area of the Philharmonic Hall until May 31st 2006.
There are 20 studies, mixed-media on paper visualisations of music showing the energy and movement of the orchestra.

Claire says, “My work has been investigating ways to express time, movement, rhythm and energy. I started thinking about ways to translate music into a visual language, looking at the relationship between abstract qualities in music and art. This new work has returned to something more physical and representational. I made observational drawings of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra (RLPO) during rehearsals, then returned to the studio to develop the images.

These studies retain my original ideas of expressing music visually while simultaneously referencing the observational drawings. I enjoy the patterns that occur when watching the RLPO, particularly the bows, as their movements parallel the sounds and rhythms of the music being played.
The scale of co-ordination and organisation amazes me when watching the orchestra. This is where my fascination with the language of music begins. However, I enjoy it beyond its functional level, in an abstract way, as a drawing. This interest has resulted in using music in my drawings and paintings.”

The paintings are for sale at a very reasonable price. See more on Claire’s website: