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Liverpool Performs as LIPA turns 10

batala liverpoolI was very fortunate a while ago to be able to attend this prestigious event. The Philharmonic Hall was packed with VIPs (and me) to watch the gala performance in honour of the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts being exactly 10 years old.
Sir Paul McCartney and Mark Featherstone-Witty were there of course with Heather and Paul’s brother Mike to watch a good performance by current and former students. It was a bit too Broadway Musical style for my taste, local band The Wombats were scheduled to add a bit of rock but they didn’t appear for some reason.
Paul McCartney and Robyn Archer

After the performance we went up the road to the LIPA building for a reception. Its my old school as well and I had to disagree with Sir Paul when he said nice things about the old place, I hated every single minute that I was there. Its a lovely place now of course and all credit to the benefactors, staff and students for making it so.
The event was also used to launch the brochure and details of the 2006 Themed year – Liverpool Performs.
It was a good do, I introduced myself to Robyn Archer and chatted to other Culture Company people and a few celebrities.