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Liverpool Heritage Market – Stanley Dock

camden2 - notseated chair massage

The Liverpool Heritage Market has been trying for a while now to improve its image but Camden 2 it ain’t, yet.
Its still predominantly the ‘socks – £2 a dozen’ brigade that you get in any other market but at least most of the pirate dvd/cd merchants have been thrown out.
The management would like there to be more arty/crafty stallholders there to make it more interesting. So having heard that the excellent Little Satsuma company had just opened up there we set out yesterday to take a look.

First of all, it seems that the story about a free bus from Lime St. station every 15 minutes is a myth. We couldn’t find it, all we found was a woman and her son who had been waiting for an hour. We got a taxi and everyone we asked at the market either denied all knowledge or said ‘yes, there is a bus but I’ve never actually seen it and I don’t know where it leaves from’

The Little Satsuma place is at the back end of the less-populated large indoor area so it takes a while to find it. Here you can buy their world-famous Scouse Soaps, essential oils, candles and lots of other ethically sound health and beauty products.
I also had a seated chair massage there, I think the seated chair enjoyed it more than me. Only kidding, it was very good and relaxing.

The retro/vintage clothing area looks quite interesting and we did find one or two arty stalls like the guys pictured here (haven’t got their full details as yet) but there needs to be a lot more. There’s still plenty of room so if any artists fancy committing to spending every Sunday in a market hall and investing a few quid for the rent as well then you can get in touch through the heritage market website.
Let me know if you do and I’ll mention it here.

We had some nice noodles for lunch but the ‘coffee’ was just brown water, still no sign of a free bus so we walked back into town, its not too far on a nice day.

The market is open every Sunday 09.00 – 16.00

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