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Liverpool Biennial Wins the Lever Prize

from 24Hour Museum website

Leading businesses in the North West of England have awarded the inaugural Lever Prize, an annual award for world-class arts organisations in the region, to Liverpool Biennial.

The North West Business Leadership Team (NWBLT), comprising 27 of the region’s largest businesses in partnership with Culture Northwest, awarded the prize during a formal dinner at the Lady Lever Art Gallery on January 10 2006.

The £10,000 cash prize, which takes its name from the soap magnate William H Lever (later Lord Leverhulme) who was famed for his patronage of the arts, is designed to revive the philanthropic traditions practiced by successful industrialists of the past.

They were impressed by the Biennial’s track record of innovative business partnerships, overseas links and a learning and inclusion programme, which was promoted on the back of a touring exhibition of work.

“I am delighted that the award of the inaugural Lever prize will bring Liverpool Biennial and the most aspirational companies of the North West into closer and more creative conversation,