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Garston Arts – Blueprint for Bright Future

wellington-school.jpgBlueprint For Bright Future

Exciting plans to transform the empty and disused Wellington Street School in Garston into a multi-purpose community arts and education centre will be unveiled at a public meeting.

The Garston Open Forum and Exhibition will be held at The Reading Rooms in Wellington Street on Tuesday, June 13 from 5.30pm onwards.

If successful the plans would see the former school undergo a complete refurbishment. More than 250 new jobs will be created in the run up to the capital of Culture in 2008. In the past 12 months more than 25 artists and Craft Men and Women have been employed as part of the Garston Cultural Village Campaign.

Proposals will be unveiled by well known Liverpool Architect Ken Martin. Also present will be Councillors Paula Keaveney, Councillor Peter Melea and broadcaster Roger Phillips, writer Jimmy McGovern, actor Dean Sullivan and Liverpool Biennial Chief Executive Lewis Biggs and Alex Corina Artist Campaigner.

Ken Martin thinks the Garston Cultural Village Campaigns idea is the right one for South Liverpool. He says “Garston was a place with a great sense of identity and a place of employment not just a dormitory”.

‚ÄúThis project could be a great example and eventual jewel in the crown of the Capital of Culture and City Councils approach to regeneration through the Arts and Creative Industries in the community”

“A Creative Culture needs affordable accommodation and link education with the economy. It’s about creating jobs in the community and improving the environment.

“We have to give young people the belief they have a future in Garston. I am hoping the Capital of Culture will respond to a creative initiative such as the Garston Cultural Village and that Robyn Archer the Capital of Culture Artistic Director will come and see it for herself”

“A scheme as important as this just cannot be ignored. If the Culture Company and the City Council want this initiative to succeed then I believe it will. ”