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Fritz Spiegl’s ‘Loophonium’ at the Walker

Fritz Spiegl Loophonium Fritz Spiegl Loophonium

A very amusing start to the day at the Walker this morning we saw the Loophonium (or Harpic-phone (groan)), created by the late Liverpool-based musician, composer, writer and humorist Fritz Spiegl.

A talented professional flautist, Fritz designed the bizarre contraption for use in April Fools’ concerts staged with fellow members of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.

The Walker bought the instrument at an auction following Fritz’s death in 2003, aged 77. It has been conserved before being put on display.

His widow Ingrid was there this morning and explained that the work was great fun but difficult to keep in the house. She also said “Fritz would be tickled pink that the Loophonium is on display among some of the great artworks and masterpieces. It is tremendous to think that one of Fritz’s creations will continue to make visitors smile.