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‘Four Corners’ Exhibition at Lewis’s until Saturday


We’ve got culture cornered

A stunning art exhibition created by everyday people from across the city will be on display at the Lewis’ Store from this Thursday until Saturday from 11am till 4pm.

Liverpool’s neighbourhood staff linked up with the culture company, seven of the city’s leading arts organisations and local people to produce the pioneering ‘4 Corners’ project.

The pioneering ‘Four Corners’ project involves people from all parts of the city getting involved in creative writing, visual arts, photography, music and audio technology in neighbourhoods across Liverpool that are experiencing rapid change and upheaval.

After months of hard graft, stunning work by all seven neighbourhood areas will be on show to the public taking up a whole floor of the popular department store.

All the works are based around the theme of a Dream Catcher, where memories are caught and shared to create a rich, living tapestry of Liverpool people’s memories and aspirations for the future using different arts forms including sculpture, digital imagery, hip hop and rap, ceramics, animation, singing and dance.

* Alt Valley neighbourhood linked up with the International Centre for Digital Content
* City Centre neighbourhood worked with Hope Street Ltd
* Eastern Link neighbourhood were partnered with the Bluecoat Arts Centre
* North Liverpool neighbourhood joined up with the Everyman / Playhouse
* South Central neighbourhood were aligned to FACT Cinema
* South Suburbs neighbourhood teamed up with National Museums Liverpool
* South Liverpool neighbourhood were coupled with Arts in Regeneration

‘Four Corners’ aims to give the city’s leading arts organisations a higher profile across the city and make the council’s neighbourhood management teams more accessible to residents.

The project received £105,000 Neighbourhood Renewal Funding through the “Living Through Change’ initiative.

On Saturday an audio describer and British Sign Language interpreter will be on hand for people who are deaf or visually impaired.