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Calderstones Park and the Woolton Outhouse


Spent Tuesday morning in South Liverpool. After visiting a couple of places in Smithdown Rd, we headed for Menlove Avenue
Calderstones park is lovely at this time of year (well it is any time of year really) and periodically there is an art exhibition to further enhance the park-visiting experience. The current exhibition in the Coach House is called ‘Art from the Square’ (I think) and features a few familiar names from the recent printmakers exhibitions and others. There are various media and styles, landscapes, seascapes, wildlife and abstracts. Very nice.
Its open 10.00 – 16.30 each day until June 11th 2006.

It was sunny but still cold, some nice hots chips for £1 from the cafe did the trick.

A bit further down Menlove Ave. is the Woolton Outhouse, I wasn’t sure exactly where it was so we wandered up and down Vale Road for a while before seeking directions. Purely by chance we passed the house where John Lennon grew up, I’d never been there before. The glass outhouse is a bit further on in the small woodland at the back of the tower blocks. It is a piece of public art that was unveiled in early 2005, I think there’s occasional displays inside it but it all looked a bit quiet at present, it was locked. Apparently it looks great as the day goes dark and it lights up.