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‘Bluecoat Around The Corner’ at Cornerstone

A very nice exhibition of works by six local artists connected with the Bluecoat Display Centre.
Apologies for my poor photos, dare I say, it was too sunny!

 The featured artists are:

Jenny Barker, her glass work takes on sculptural, ornamental and architectural dimensions in the form of wall hangings. Much of her inspiration comes from landscapes and nature, which is often representative in the work’s shape, texture and form.

Rebecca Gouldson works in a variety of metals to produce wall pieces for domestic and architectural context. Her love of drawing and printmaking is directly related to the marks made on the metal. The
artist creates distinct qualities of line and texture.

Rachael Howard designs colourful and imaginative embroidered narrative wall hangings. The work shows her fascination with everyday life. Her designs focus on the innocent pleasures of living.

Cathy Miles constructs three-dimensional wire wall works. She cleverly combines iron-binding wire with found objects and materials to create witty depictions of birds in conversion. Her characters come to life to reveal their grumbles and gripes, bad habits, love interests and attention seeking behaviour.

Andrew Peter‘s works are all unique, limited productions. He specialises in the design of mirror wall pieces, constantly seeking to improve the designs in terms of their aesthetics and construction. He chooses to construct in multiples but no consecutive pieces are ever exactly the same.

Kazuhito Takadoi is intrigued by the colours in nature, marvelling at the constant changes throughout the year. He is interested in slow decay when everything eventually returns to the earth. Viewing his work from different angles and in different lights provides a new perspective.

At Cornerstone Gallery until May 5th 2006