Wednesday, July 17, 2024


Was just one of those days were I was so busy doing stuff I didn’t have time to sit down and write about it.

JMU Graphic Arts Degree Show

GaBa.jpgStarted out early to find the Hahnemann Building, 42 Hope St. Needed to ask security to let me in and out but it was worth the hassle. The show was scheduled to finish last Saturday but has been extended into this week. Its a lot different from the Fine Art show, this is just one big room for the artwork and another where you can see the portfolios. A lot of the work is in the format of illustration for CD covers, book covers, posters etc. but also some fine illustrations for story books.

‘Emerge’ at Bluecoat Display Centre

Next I went to ArtSpeq at Quiggins but the show of Textiles by Carla Walsh has been delayed until June 13th. ArtSpeq is also Ken Henshaw’s studio, he’s hung some of his own works on the walls for now so I had a look at them and chatted to Ken for a while.
Round the corner to the Bluecoat to see the latest exhibition. Amazing craftsmanship as always here. Quite a few interesting wooden jewellery boxes by Peter Lloyd.

Cecilia Matson at Editions

The Editions shop/gallery was in Bluecoat Chambers but has now moved to a splendid old building at 16 Cook St. There’s a lovely black iron spiral staircase up to the first floor gallery which is a really nice space. This is the first special exhibition they’ve had there, hopefully the first of many. Cecilia Matson is a young Liverpool-based artist who does some striking urban landscapes with inks onto cartridge paper and using twigs(!) rather than brushes. I really like some of them but a few I quite dislike (unusual for me but they’re just a bit too scratchy looking).
There’s a review in the Daily Post

In the evening I went to the viewing of the exhibition of art by local women artists at Blackburne House but I’ll have to write about that later, I have more places to go.

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