Digital Exhibition: Williamson Art Gallery & Museum: The Williamson Open 2020

Welcome to the online edition of the Williamson Open Art & Photography Exhibition 2020

Hosting an exhibition online, rather than physically, is a first for the Williamson Art Gallery. Although it cannot possibly replicate the experience of visiting the galleries, our staff have worked hard to document the exhibition in a way which we hope still emphasises the talent and accomplishments of the selected artists.

You can read more in the foreword from Principal Museums Officer, Colin Simpson, in the downloadable catalogue.


Purchasing Artwork

Many of the artworks in the Williamson Open 2020 are available for purchase at the prices quoted.

To express your interest in an artwork, email with the number, title and artist of the artwork you are interested in. When the gallery reopens we will arrange for you to visit, view, pay for and collect your artwork.

This site will be updated weekly with details of which artworks have been reserved.

The winning artworks are below, and you can see the exhibition, in full, here

Background image for this page: “Carol Emmas, Arenig Approach, Mixed Media, £90

Jacob Gourley, Homebound, Oil on canvas, PRIZEWINNER (Art Category)
Gaynor Davies, Paintworks, £140, PRIZEWINNER (Photography Category)