Digital Exhibition: Discordia (Originally at The Hope Street Theatre)

Laura Brownhill, Galactic Gravitation of the Celestial Wanderers

The Hope Street Theatre, 2018: Discordia

A distinctive new show which blurs the realms of ‘art gallery’ and ‘theatre space’, fusing the disciplines of visual art, choreography and music composition.

Discordia explores the theme ‘Making sense of the chaos’, inviting the audience to experience the varied meaning and perspective of a collection of paintings within an audio-physical tapestry.

Initially a collection of paintings created by award winning artist Laura Brownhill (original co founder of The Kazimier), collaboratively a multisensory happening, featuring bespoke new solo works in response to the visual stimulus from accomplished pianists, Nina Windsor Roe, Nick Smith and Jacques Malchance, professional dancers, Hollie-Anne Coleman, Maria Malone, and Onur Orkut, including sound design by multi talented music producer, Mario Aguilar Leal.

The Artists:

  • Laura Brownhill, Art Director / Painter
  • Jacques Malchance, Composer / Pianist
  • Nick Smith, Composer / Pianist
  • Nina Windsor-Roe, Composer / Pianist
  • Maria Malone, Choreographer / Dancer
  • Hollie-ann Coleman, Choreographer / Dancer
  • Onur Orkut, Choreographer / Dancer
  • Pei Yee Tong, Movement Artist / Guide
  • Cameron Forbes, Movement Artist / Guide
  • Katerina Hill, Movement Coach / Performer
  • Georgina Mulholland, Yoga Teacher / Meditation Guide
  • Mario Aguilar Leal, Music Producer / Sound Engineer
  • Rachel Treacher, Florist
  • Peter Nelson, Documenter / 360 Digital Video
  • Paul McEvoy, Lighting Design / Production Assistant
  • Amina Bihi, Documenter / Photographer

More about each artist here

Music from the Exhibition:

360 Exhibition Film and Performance Documentation:
(click below to watch in 360 on YouTube)

Paintings by Laura Brownhill:

Laura Brownhill, Tchydjo
Laura Brownhill, Vipassana
Laura Brownhill, Closed Doors
Laura Brownhill, Eden
Laura Brownhill, El Chefe El Taxista Carlos Delphine Y Mocha
Laura Brownhill, Fools Paradise
Laura Brownhill, Forrest Nativity
Laura Brownhill, Galactic Gravitation of the Celestial Wanderers
Laura Brownhill, Gobekli Tree of Cosmic Passage
Laura Brownhill, Hypnotize
Laura Brownhill, Infinite Self
Laura Brownhill, Mesmerize
Laura Brownhill, Ophelia
Laura Brownhill, Pranyama
Laura Brownhill, Realise
Laura Brownhill, She
Laura Brownhill, Stillness


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