Video Odyssey: Venus Collective Presents; Mean Girls

Video Odyssey: Venus Collective Presents; Mean Girls
Video Odyssey: Venus Collective Presents; Mean Girls

Dates: 24/10/2019
Times: 19:00 - 23:00

Let us transport you to North Shore High for a totally fetch Mean Girls Party! We will be screening the movie and have a night full of themed performances, workshops, quizzes, sing-alongs and a bespoke cocktail and bar snack menu! GROOL huh?


“We saw Filla Crack wearing army pants and flip flops, so we wore army pants and flip flops”

Fresh from filming car commercials in Japan, we will be joined by the iconic drag sensation Filla Crack who will lead us in a performance extravaganza before the movie, expect to whisper Don’t look at me! then communally belt out Christina Aguilera’s Beautiful, twerk to Jingle Bell Rock and be dazzled by the many talents of our Filla (rumour has it, her breasts can always tell when it’s raining!)


“You let it out…now put it in the Burn Book”

Do you think you have really bad breath in the morning? Are you almost too gay to function? Join our self-love workshop where we will learn strategies to kick negative self-talk in the but! Facilitated by play therapist and all-round mindfulness guru Brenna Donnelly, we will cleanse ourselves of our inner critic and take part in an ancient letter burning ritual designed to forgive, forget and empower!


Join us in committing social suicide as we challenge you to beat Ms Caroline Kraft in our very own Mathletes showdown! A quiz hosted by Filla Crack with a uniquely Venus Collective twist, we will test you on your knowledge of the film, have you guessing lyrics in the Divas round, doubling your points in the catwalk round and everyone will be pleased to know the traditional Sport round has been replaced with questions on Competitive Reality TV! Prizes for everyone! But none for you Gretchen Wieners!

Themed Cocktails and Bar Snacks Menu

Dark Rum, Ginger Beer and Fresh Lime

Rhubarb Gin and Tonic

Is Butter a Carb? / Kalteen Bars
All Butter Popcorn /Home-made vegan brownies

You CAN sit with us!!

This event is open to everyone! If you are worried about attending alone please contact us on and we will make sure we are there to welcome you and make you feel at ease!