The Trophy Room: Alex de Roeck – ‘Fevered Roots’

The Trophy Room: Alex de Roeck - ‘Fevered Roots’
The Trophy Room: Alex de Roeck – ‘Fevered Roots’

Venue: The Trophy Room Liverpool L8 5SD
Dates: 08/03/2017 - 27/03/2017
Times: 00:00

Alex de Roeck – ‘Fevered Roots’
PV 08.03.2017
09.03.2017 – 27.03.2017 by appointment via

The Trophy Room present its 10th exhibition. Alex de Roeck is an artist currently living and working in Dublin, Ireland and is a member of the Dublin based collective GUM. He received his BA in fine art from NCAD in 2015.

His work is an attempt to create new ideological dialogues and infrastructures connected to pre-existing ideas surrounding existentialism, morality and the abject through the use of found objects and imagery. The work composes itself through methods of spontaneous and instinctual decision making, combining and creating makeshift solutions, shifting content and context to create new meanings ranging from his own personal existence to contemporary social issues surrounding existence. The work attempts to blend the psychological and the physical together to depict somewhat of a fictionalized degeneracy.