The Well Space: ‘Same Difference’ Exhibition

The Well Space: 'Same Difference' Exhibition

The Well Space: ‘Same Difference’ Exhibition

Venue: The Well Space
Date(s): 29.4.16
Time(s): 19:00

Opening event: Friday 29 April 2016, from 19.00
Exhibitions runs Saturday 30 April – Saturday 7 May 2016. Open 11.00 -17.00

The evening will include some performance responses to the objects by participating artists followed by some beautiful music by Colin Ecclestone and Amanda Brown and the Common Ears.

Same Difference is an exploration of a community of artists’ responses to the same stimulus.
For this first instalment, 14 artists were asked to provide 14 same or similar objects to exchange with one another… this exhibition with be a collection of their responses to those objects.

The Artists, the object and their discipline:
Ruta Staseviciute (Glass bottle) – Puppeteer
Emma Dwyer (Baby grow) – Painter
Frances Heap (Plastic shot glass) – Costumier
Colin Ecclestone (Slinky spring) – Puppeteer
Joanne Tremarco (Black box) – Performance artist
Dawn Parry Cunliffe – Multidisciplinary artist
Miriam Sakwa (Chinese lantern)- Art therapist
Collette Whittington(Golden envelope)- Multidisciplinary artist
Parabhen Lad (Oil paint) – Painter
Amanda Brown (Glass gem stone) – Multidisciplinary artist
Gina Tsang (Tarot card) – Painter
Howard Ashley Storey (Tea bag)- Performer, multimedia artist
Chiz Turnross (Charcoal) – Multidisciplinary artist