The Trophy Room: Pippa Eason & Ellie Hoskins – ‘Still Scrolling’

The Trophy Room: Pippa Eason & Ellie Hoskins - ‘Still Scrolling’

The Trophy Room: Pippa Eason & Ellie Hoskins – ‘Still Scrolling’

Venue: The Trophy Room Liverpool L8 5SD
Date(s): 16.2.17 - 21.2.17
Time(s): All Day

Pippa Eason & Ellie Hoskins – ‘Still Scrolling’

16.02.17 – 21.02.17
PV 15.02.17 18:00 – 20:30

House Doubles is the first project within The Trophy Room, where a practicing artist is paired with a student from Liverpool John Moores University.

Still Scrolling’, is a joint exhibition between Pippa Eason and Ellie Hoskins that challenges contemporary tropes of social media, and its active role in the practices of post-internet artists. In a deconstruction of their disjointed realities vs. online identities, and the artists make physical responses to not only their own Instagram accounts, but also the ever-evolving online scene. The show aims to enforce both self-reflection, and a wider contextual understanding of the culture we are immersed in.

Pippa Eason

Pippa Eason (b.1993), is currently a Leeds based artist, and a member of serf, an artist run studio/project space. She also studied for both her BA and MA in Leeds. Recent exhibitions have included Penny Idol$: Whitecloth Gallery (Leeds) De-CON- Struction: Duke Street Studios, (Liverpool), TPX X MUESLI for Threshold Festival (Liverpool), The Vitrines: Pippa Eason curated by William Clarke at STCFTHOTS (Leeds), isthisit? AFK, (London), An Evening with isthisit? (Suffolk), and the collaboration with designer Nick Booton for FILLA, at Lamberts Yard Leeds.


Pippa Eason’s work makes observations of the abstraction/perception of nature, the tangible, the everyday, and considers it within the accelerating art world. They act as props for the near fictional imagery displayed often through a screen, they come to life, crumbling from the cocoon of reality, into the pixel generated sub-human culture. The use of symbols for example: dollar signs, cacti, chains, written word, and so on articulate the separation of art in life, against art on screen. These multi layered objects, or digital works serve as a signifier for the aesthetics of contemporary commerce, and viewing. Those aesthetics are then translated into the cyber world, reiterating itself over andover again. Pippa’s work is often installed intimately into a space, making the space intrinsic to much of her practice.

Ellie Hoskins is an artist living and studying in Liverpool. Rooted primarily in existential concerns, her practice explores contemporary selfhood and responds to feelings of absurdity, anxiety, and alienation. Concerned with the current political climate, Ellie’s work raises questions about the future of humanity, and indeed humanism, in a post-digital, post-truth, and post-human world. What is a contemporary ‘self’? How do we find self-fulfilment in a time of complete uncertainty? How is authenticity achieved under the conditions of forced hybridity (multiple identities online, etc.)? How relevant are my feelings? How relevant are my fears?