The Royal Standard: Clam Jam

The Royal Standard: Clam Jam

The Royal Standard: Clam Jam

Venue: The Royal Standard
Date(s): 4.9.15
Time(s): 18:00 - 21:00

Private View: Friday 4 September 18.00 – 21.00. All welcome.
Exhibition runs Saturday 5 September – Sunday 1 November 2015
Open: SAT/SUN 12.00 – 17.00
TASC public event – Sunday 4 October 2015


There is such a thing as woman art. And I’m not sure having it all together in one place is right for today. It is a touch artificial, and maybe creates an imbalanced experience. 1

It’s a risk. […] And we like a lot of drama. 2

royal-standard-clam-jam-1This show is not a response to limited exhibition opportunities for women artists.
This is not a showcase of artworks dealing overtly with the female body.
This exhibition will not eliminate through sabotage all aspects of society not relevant to women (everything), bring about a complete female takeover, eliminate the male sex and begin to create a swinging, groovy, out-of-sight female world.
royal-standard-clam-jam-2This is where the ladies are at.

Clam Jam presents work made by emerging female artists. This playful title hopes to uncover work that is gendered through construction, material and mass rather than through open dialogue with the body or gender construct.

As part of the exhibition programme, Amber Ablett and Stacy Brafield – collaborating as TASC – will host a performance event, serving food and drink as a catalyst for open discussion

Claudia Dance-Wells graduated from The Fine Art Painting course at Brighton University in 2015. In the past year she has been the artist in residence at Glyndebourne Opera House and is a member of the artist collective (It’s All) Tropical. She will soon be attending the ‘Organhaus’ residency in Chongqing, China. She is currently living and working in Leeds.

Chloe McClellan graduated from MFA course at the Slade School of Art in 2013 where she won the Desiree Prize for Painting. Since then, she has exhibited across the across the UK and in Italy. She is based in London.

Beth Shapeero studied at the Glasgow School of Art, graduating in 2012 with an MLitt in Fine Art Practice. Her work has been shown both in the UK and Europe including Sweden, Finland and Germany. In 2014 she contributed the Clipperton Residency project in Scotland, Spain and South America. She lives and works in Glasgow.

Molly Smyth has an MA in Sculpture from the Royal College of Art. Her recent exhibitions include solo shows at the Cass Sculpture Foundation in Chichester and Unity Centre, London and she was a contributor to BBC documentary Where Is Modern Art Now? She lives and works in London.

Sadie Williams graduated from the BA Fine Art course at Glyndwr University in 2015 and has recently exhibited in galleries across North Wales. She currently lives and works in Anglesey, North Wales.

TASC is a collaboration between Amber Ablett and Stacy Brafield. TASC uses choreographed frameworks, often based on the collectivity of eating and food, to explore ideas of attention and social practices and to enable discussion. They have exhibited nationally and internationally, including at Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo; ROOM Artspace, London; Halka Art Project, Istanbul; Entrée, Bergen; Vulpes Vulpes, London and Bergen Kunsthall. Ablett and Brafield live and work between London, UK and Bergen, Norway.

1. Landau, S.; The Guardian: Stealing the Show, 2009
2. Morineau, C.; LA Times, At Paris’ Pompidou; the Year of Women, 2009