The Capstone Theatre: Fang: Animal Religion (SPAIN)

The Capstone Theatre: Fang: Animal Religion (SPAIN)

The Capstone Theatre: Fang: Animal Religion (SPAIN)

Venue: Cornerstone
Date(s): 12.6.19
Time(s): 19:30

Fang: Animal Religion (SPAIN)

Wednesday 12th June, 2019
The Capstone Theatre, Liverpool


500 kg of clay, a 70 kg human body. Live music. A UK premiere.

Fang is the latest production from internationally renowned performers, Animal Religion. The Catalan circus company will explore the relationship between clay and body constantly transforming, with their trademark surreal humour, acrobatics and stunning circus skills.

Animal Religion’s work can be defined as a fusion of contemporary circus, dance and music, letting the themes of animality inspire them. Fang will encourage the wild and illogical within the audience, shedding light on weird routines in modern life.

The Capstone Theatre is delighted to host this show as part of Physical Fest 2019; the first time that Fang will be be performed anywhere in the UK.

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