The Brink: Make Your Mark II

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    The Brink: Make Your Mark II

    Venue: The Brink
    Dates: 29/01/16 - 31/12/16
    Times: 09:00 - 23:00

    Space13 is proud to present an explorative group exhibition ‘Make Your Mark II’ following the success of the core group’s initial journey led by session facilitator and award winning Artist Curator Leon Jakeman.

    ‘Make Your Mark’ can be looked at as an opportunity to be bold, make a stand & be proud of who you are. It focuses on individual’s journeys and exploration of mark marking processes, where initial fears are challenged expressively and cathartically by engaging with material and play.  It’s through the turning up and having a go, without slapping ourselves senseless with judgement and expectation, often; ‘I’m not good enough’ that we confront fears by engaging in such creative play.

    In a short space of time the mind quietens as we focus on the unfolding marks in front of us, which transform both page and initial negative ego chatter to ‘what if’s?’ This type of work can often be abstract in form not of ‘a physical something’ – you can individually interpret. The creative process ever unfolding as we experiment with materials and application. The fruit is in the exploration process (the journey) of having a go, often stumbling across beautiful ‘accidents’ within the experimentation process and moments of loose play, then deliberately repeating found techniques.

    ‘Make Your Mark II’ works have been selected by session lead & Brink Curator Leon Jakeman from the following Artists:

    Ste De Costa
    Frank Marnell
    Jules Nylander
    Maria Obeng
    Maxine Rainey

    The exhibition can be seen throughout the Liverpool Biennial till 16th October at
    The Brink, 15-21 Parr Street,
    Liverpool, L1 4JN
    Tel: 0151 703 0582

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