The Atkinson: I Grew Up 80s

The Atkinson: I Grew Up 80s

The Atkinson: I Grew Up 80s

Venue: The Atkinson
Date(s): 13.11.21 - 19.3.22
Time(s): All Day

I Grew Up 80s

13 November 2021 – 19 March 2022

Get ready to pull up your leg warmers and scramble your Rubik’s Cubes, the colourful nostalgia trip ‘I Grew Up 80s’ is coming to The Atkinson!

Following the success of his hit Star Wars themed exhibition, May The Toys Be With You, The Atkinson is pleased to welcome collector and cultural commentator Matt Fox back to Southport.

In the exciting new exhibition, I Grew Up 80s, Fox explores his childhood through a variety of iconic objects from the 1980s. His carefully curated time capsule of over 200 treasures showcases the youthful exuberance of the era, during which time so much changed.

Matt Fox – “The world is fast paced. Each new year seems to bring a fresh revolution; in technology, globalisation, entertainment, and in the way we socially interact. When so much changes in just one year for the children of today’s Britain, then how much has changed in one whole generation?

Those like myself who grew up, pre-internet, in the 1980s can genuinely state that life was very different then. This exhibition showcases the objects and treasures that 80s kids held dear. Toys, technology, music, sport, film, fashion and even food!

It’s a really family friendly exhibition and I hope parents will bring their kids and share the experience of a decade that was so much fun to grow up in!”

Visitors to The Atkinson will travel through the cultural landscape of 1980’s Britain through the eyes of a child – revisiting the vibrancy, quirkiness and innovation that defined the decade. From BMX to Betamax, Dirty Dancing to Donkey Kong, Thompson Twins to Transformers, if you grew up in the 80s get ready to exclaim ‘I remember that!’.