Staacks: Sea, Land and Trees

Staacks: Sea, Land and Trees
Staacks: Sea, Land and Trees

Venue: Staacks
Dates: 01/07/2019 - 31/07/2019
Times: All Day

Fiona Philipps

The collection of paintings I have created for this exhibition are a result of my connection to and interaction with nature, and the landscapes on my daily walk along the banks of the Dee estuary. As I walk I have both the estuary and the countryside around me.

My work has explored my love for trees. Not only their structure above ground but also their secret world below ground where science has now found they are able to communicate using a network of fungi that grows in and around their roots.

I have also expressed in my paintings my love for the estuary and its tidal waters. The energy and speed of the incoming tide. The smell and taste of the salty air. Many of my paintings are very spontaneous, and I like to incorporate in my fine art practice the use of texture and mark making. Most of my paintings are created from my own emotional response to the world around me. I try to paint what I feel. For this collection I have explored my link to the natural world through each of my senses. I have considered the most obvious senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. I have also thought about other sensory systems that detect and relay information when we are surrounded by countryside or beside the sea.

Peter Macaulay

These works represent a study over recent months of small image sketched in northern Majorca ten or more years ago.

An unlikely subject for one whose usual preoccupation is the human figure. There are however parallels that can be drawn between the  more usual erotically charged figures and these landscapes.

As with the figurative work, at all times the subject is treated  to a degree of distortion infusing the image with vitality and visual interest.

The direct approach to handling colour, sometimes crude and unpretentious at other times with great sensitivity results  in an image both familiar yet mysterious.

Always exploring new ways of looking at the familiar this work focuses both on the hot colours and dark shadows of Majorca and the contrasting calmer, cool tones of the local landscape.

Uncanny, sometimes mysterious always capturing the essence of the subject without subverting the experience to illustration.

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