A Small View: Unobscured, Rebekah Elizabeth

A Small View: Unobscured, Rebekah Elizabeth

A Small View: Unobscured, Rebekah Elizabeth

Venue: A Small View
Date(s): 10.2.17 - 24.2.17
Time(s): All Day

An exhibition by Rebekah Elizabeth

10th – 24th February 2017 | Open event Friday 10th February 2017, 5-7pm

Unobscured is a photography exhibition designed to challenge preconceptions.

Rebekah Elizabeth presents images taken recently as a tourist. She seeks to share with the viewer how her own preconceptions were challenged as she found beauty in an unexpected environment.

This exhibition explores the idea that we all have inherent preconceptions of the world in which we live. These are based on the things we’ve read, images we’ve seen and other people’s opinions we’ve heard or grown up with.

At first glance the viewer will see the images at face value; upon viewing the collection in its entirety the setting becomes apparent. Will the viewer be left questioning what they have seen or will their pre-existing opinions be changed?

Rebekah takes away the key piece of knowledge which would hinder the viewer from seeing another perspective.

The title of the exhibition ‘Unobscured’ explores the idea that our own preconceptions can alter the way we look at things. In the photographs nothing is obscured or hidden but it may become apparent that what we see is different from what we imagined.