A Small View: When It’s Gone It’s Gone, Claire Tindale

A Small View: When It’s Gone It’s Gone, Claire Tindale

A Small View: When It’s Gone It’s Gone, Claire Tindale

Venue: A Small View
Date(s): 3.3.17 - 4.4.17
Time(s): All Day

Claire Tindale, When It’s Gone It’s Gone

4th March – 4th April 2017
Opening Event: Friday 3rd March 2017, 5-7pm

When It’s Gone It’s Gone is an exhibition of work comprising installation and sculpture which expands on a piece commissioned by Castlefield Gallery, Manchester, for the exhibition Miniature World. Through a combination of miniature and full-scale objects, the work invites the viewer to consider our use of dwindling natural resources.

The motivation within Claire Tindale’s practice is a desire to create work which communicates with an audience or that provokes dialogue, the aim being to promote understanding and empathy around a particular subject or theme. Often site-responsive, variations in scale are used to explore physical and psychological spaces in connection with aspects of the human condition and associated vulnerabilities that can entail. Recent work has used miniatures to investigate our relationship with our surroundings and identity. Resultant pieces are, at times, playful, while at others they can be emotive or thought provoking.

Recent exhibitions include:- Health Records, CFCCA, Manchester; Thinking/Making, Curious Projects, Eastbourne; Open House, In Certain Places, Preston;Fabricate, Millennium Galleries, Sheffield; Hot 100, Schwartz Gallery, London; Miniature World, Castlefield Gallery Manchester