Shakespeare North Playhouse: Owning Shakespeare: 2 day actor workshop with Rob Myles

Shakespeare North Playhouse: Owning Shakespeare: 2 day actor workshop with Rob Myles

Shakespeare North Playhouse: Owning Shakespeare: 2 day actor workshop with Rob Myles

Date(s): 2.3.23 - 3.3.23
Time(s): 10:30 - 16:00

Owning Shakespeare: 2 day actor workshop with Rob Myles

Date: 02/03/2023

Time: (Thu 2 Mar, 10:30am-4pm & Fri 3 Mar, 10am-6pm)

Location: Shakespeare North Playhouse, The Learning Space

Price: £80

Owning Shakespeare is an intensive, fast-paced, practical two-day lab session (Thu 2 Mar, 10:30am-4pm & Fri 3 Mar, 10am-6pm) exploring Shakespearean text work in performance, from Rob Myles, the multi-award-winning actor and director, creator of The Shakespeare Deck, and co-creator the global digital theatre movement The Show Must Go Online. Suitable for all levels of experience.

This two-day lab session will run on Thu 2 Mar, 10:30am-4pm & Fri 3 Mar, 10am-6pm.

You will be introduced to the tool kit used by the Bard and his actors, enabling you to better appreciate the purposeful nature of his writing, and its intended effect on the audience.

By understanding and applying the same tools and approaches he used to sculpt his masterpieces, you can harness the richness of his text quickly, easily and fearlessly.

You will understand the actor’s unique responsibilities when playing Shakespeare in particular – to the text, to the audience and to each other.

Across the course, you will combine exploration and discovery with movement exercises, long form improvisation and more, before applying these in performance to a variety of extracts, soliloquys and scenes.

This workshop will change the way you see Shakespeare on the page, to make your performances more accessible, rewarding, and powerful on the stage.

ABOUT ROB MYLES: Rob is a multi-award-winning actor, writer and director, and a member of the Shakespeare Theatre Association. His Owning Shakespeare workshops sold out in London and Glasgow in 2018 and 2019, and online in 2021.

Over thirteen years as an actor, he has played a wide range of Shakespearean roles including: Autolycus, Banquo, Bedford, Benedick, Berowne, Bottom, Brutus, Claudius, Chorus, Dauphin, Douglas, Egeus, Friar Laurence, Lennox, Leontes, Malvolio, Nym, Oberon, Paris, Petruchio, Pinch, Puck, Sampson, Sebastian, Siward, Theseus.

His experiences led him to create The Shakespeare Deck – a powerful, portable toolkit for classical actors, offering a fast and flexible way to engage meaningfully with the text every day. To date it has been sold in the US, Canada, Australia, France, Germany and in the Royal Court Bookshop in London.

In 2020, Rob created The Show Must Go Online. directing the complete First Folio shows in the order they were believed to have been written, one a week every week for 36 weeks via Zoom to YouTube.

Over that span, Rob worked with 500 actors and creatives from around the world, including veterans of the RSC, Shakespeare’s Globe, Broadway, Hollywood and more, attracting 250,000+ audience members from 60 countries, winning three awards from OffWestEnd including the 5th OneOff Award ever given.

Rob has given talks at Harvard University, Kings College London, Rhodes, Cincinnati, and more, as well as recently teaching Shakespeare at East 15 drama school, University of The West of Scotland and more.

Website: Creator: The Shakespeare Deck ( | Co-creator: The Show Must Go Online (