The Royal Standard: Art Club, August 2017 Meeting

The Royal Standard: Art Club, August 2017 Meeting
The Royal Standard: Art Club, August 2017 Meeting

Venue: The Royal Standard
Dates: 06/08/2017
Times: 14:00 - 15:30

Art Club
Exploring Art Through Friendly
And Informal Discussion

August 2017 Meeting

This month Art Club is on Sunday 6th August starting at 2pm and finishing at approximately at 3.30.

We will view and discuss the ‘Seen by Everyone’ exhibition in the Royal Standard.
The Royal Standard’s address is Northern Lights, Cains Brewery Village, 5 Mann Street, Liverpool, L8 5AF. The best way in is via Grafton Street. Go into the old Cains Brewery complex, past the fenced in car park to your right, then turn right into a narrow roadway & the entrance into the space is one of the door ways of the industrial looking building.

If anyone would like a lift from Lime Street station at 1.30 with Andy, please reply to this e-mail. There are 4 spaces available.

We have been invitied by one of the directors Becky Peach. She will be there to welcome us with some of the people involved with the exhibition.

The exhibition is by Leanne Cook & Zarina Muhammad

‘The show is really just an exploration of tenderness i think; what it could look like if you made art while thinking about how people would feel in the space; what models of making could look like if we centred on friendship and collaboration and also maybe ~community~ as an organic felt group. v sensitive and careful,,,, i hope i hope.’

Leanne Cook is a florist and researcher based in Manchester. She came to floristry through chance, luck and a serendipitous turn of events which landed her in Manchester a year ago. Having completed her BA in Psychology and Philosophy in Liverpool in 2014, she began working in mental health in Sri Lanka and later in her hometown of Bristol. Frustrated with the system of care in an environment devoid of change and connection to the outside world, she moved back north to begin a Masters in Clinical and Health Psychology in 2016. Alongside this she works as a florist in an independent florist in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. Leanne is keen to nurture the graceful relationship between floristry and mental health in an ongoing exploration of how flowers and plants nourish, care for and soften the mind.

Zarina Muhammad is an artist and writer (1/2 of The White Pube) tried curating once n it made her cry (happy tears only). Cancer sun/Aries moon/Sagittarius ascendant 🌙 Twitter: @ZarinaMuhammad but follow her bot @ZarunaM instead bc she’s better. Hobbies include: skincare, masala dosa & sausage dogs. 4 the love of GOD don’t look @ my art.

Afterwards for those interested will go for a coffee in the Ryde Cafe which is in the Cains Brewery village.