Road Studios: Episode 6: Interlocked

Road Studios: Episode 6: Interlocked

Road Studios: Episode 6: Interlocked

Venue: Road Studios
Date(s): 14.10.16 - 16.10.16
Time(s): 12:00 - 17:00

ROAD Studios’ presents the final episode of its Biennial exhibition programme; ‘Interlocked’.

Opening Friday 14th October 6:30-9pm
Open Saturday 15th – Sunday 16th 12pm-5pm

‘Interlocked’ brings together the work of three artists based at 3 different studios across the city. The exhibition features work by Josephine Jenkins (Arena Studios), Lee Booth (Road Studios) and Colette Lilley (104 Duke Street Studios). It is one of many collaborations which show the growing relationships and partnership working between artist studios across Liverpool.

“My artistic practice has led me to visit China, undertaking residencies in the city of Xiamen. The work in this exhibition responds directly to my experience of Xiamen and includes ink drawings made on the neighbouring islet of Gulangyu. These paintings and drawings begin to examine my conflicting feelings of, unease, longing, confusion and romance, for China, Xiamen and the enchanting Gulangyu.”
– Josie Jenkins

“When my wife died, I found my life at a crossroad. My whole life had been turned upside down. I decided to take a year out to reflect on my life and contemplate my future. Over the course of this year I slowly gravitated, taking finite steps and re-inventing myself. I have always been attracted to the beauty and precision of religious icons. Religious icons were and are still considered as as a window of opportunity to contemplate physical, mental and spiritual well-being.
The four paintings in this exhibition were produced over this 12 month period. They are the residue of a journey of rediscovery. They are a contemplation of my place in the physical, mental and spiritual world.”
– Lee Booth

“I use my art as a tool, as a way to learn to see.
Through learning to see, I calm my hectic mind and meditate in the present moment.
The subject of my drawings, are what captures my awareness; how the light falls on an object’s surface, the subtle differences in tonal values, to the deep built up layers of contrasting colours.
It captures me, and through the silence of my thoughts I am transformed.”
– Colette Lilley