OUTPUT Gallery: Zahra – Phantom Fairy Tales

OUTPUT Gallery: Zahra - Phantom Fairy Tales

OUTPUT Gallery: Zahra – Phantom Fairy Tales

Venue: OUTPUT Gallery
Date(s): 15.9.22 - 9.10.22
Time(s): All Day

15/9/22 – 9/10/22

Zahra (b. 1998) is a Liverpool-based painter who creates bold, semi-abstracted scenes which coat everyday behaviours in a patina of dreamlike possibility. Emerging from a colourful haze, Zahra captures ghoulish and strange characters engaged in relatable actions, familiar ghosts haunting recognisable interiors.

Each individual work represents a moment in time or space that the artist has chosen to depict as it forms part of her “personal mythology” – the series of experiences or memories that constitute who we are as people. Zahra paints these moments to explore and question their significance, deliberately obfuscating their personal relevance, and gleefully taking on the role of an unreliable narrator in allowing the artistic process (and her own bias) to suggests changes. The resulting works are rich in emotion and mystery, and speak to how memories can be shaped and re-shaped by storytelling.

Zahra’s work (first exhibited at the OUTPUT Open in 2021) can also currently be seen as part of the exhibition Refractive Pool: Contemporary Painting in Liverpool at the Walker Gallery. Zahra is a graduate of Liverpool Hope University.

Please join us for the exhibition launch, 6-8pm on Thursday 15th September.