Open Eye Gallery: The Time We Call Our Own

Open Eye Gallery: The Time We Call Our Own
Open Eye Gallery: The Time We Call Our Own

Venue: Open Eye Gallery
Dates: 03/04/2020 - 31/05/2020
Times: 00:00

3 APRIL – 31 MAY 2020
Artists: Amelia Lonsdale, Andrew Miksys, Oliver Sieber, Dustin Thierry, Mirjam Wirz, Tobias Zielony. Curated by Adam Murray.


The Time We Call Our Own brings together photographic projects from across the world that document a collective sense of time, place and identity.

The heart of any city can often be found in its nightlife. The palpable energy found in bars and clubs (and sometimes the living room) often reveals the inner workings of a space previously unfamiliar to us. Through photography, we can collect these shared experiences, document these cultures, and store this euphoric spirit to relive it later on.

Featuring work from a group of internationally based photographers and artists, The Time We Call Our Own explores photographic work that documents this collective sense of time and place. Style, location and music all play a part in our understanding of the identity of a city, and the hallowed ground it becomes through image making.

As right-leaning populism increasingly dominates the majority, this exhibition seeks to investigate notions of visibility, champion these tightly-knit scenes and allow us to witness the ever-enduring regions of society that counteract the norm. Using nightlife as an access point, we can learn new ways of being together, and perhaps find a shared language of escapism that we can use to combat the toe-tapping waking hours of everyday life.

The Time We Call Our Own is generously supported by SEVENSTORE. Exhibition runs from 3 April – 31 May, open Tuesday-Sunday, 10am – 5pm. Entrance to Open Eye Gallery is free, always.

Images: Street dance with Sonido Sonorámico at Campestre Aragón, Mexico City, 2011, from the book ‘Sonidero City’, Mirjam Wirz

Opulence, Thaynah Vineyard at the ‘We Are The Future – And The Future Is Fluid’ Ball organised by Legendary Marina 007 and Mother Amber Vineyard. Body painting by visual artist Airich. Dustin Thierry, Amsterdam 2018