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    Venue: Poly Residency
    Dates: 04/05/17 - 14/05/17
    Times: All Day


    PV 4.5.17 6-9pm
    Open by appointment 5th-14th May
    Location: The Royal Standard

    WE THE NORTH welcomes The Wet Nose Collective in their debut within Liverpool for WhY NoT NoW?

    The Wet Nose Collective is a group of four artists practising in Sheffield who experiment with the interplay of gesture, colour, movement and materials. The collective consists of members; Megan Dunbar, Izzy Fillingham, Becky Kent and Eleanore Smith. Each artist explores their chosen medium, and aims to push their materials into a form of questioning, leaving the audience wondering how the components within the work are speaking to each other.

    Megan Dunbar :

    Dunbar is a paint based artist, but has recently been exploring video as a means of understanding and communicating with the painting. She is continually exploring the ability to dictate a painting through movement. The videos are a way of alternatively viewing a painting, without just reading materials on a surface. They exist to critique the process of painting without the need for language.

    Izzy Fillingham :

    Fillingham is a paint based artist who experiments loosely with colour and texture. The work consists of spontaneous and rhythmic gestures carried out at the moment of contact between paint and canvas. The marks form a visual language and Fillingham explores the ongoing communication between them. These works explore how the unintentional can be read as the intentional.

    Becky Kent :

    Focusing on drawing as her initial medium, Kent’s imagery then transforms into Sculptures and Installations that involve the surrounding space. Often creating and documenting within the environment she is currently in; Kent absorbs inspiration from natural forms, such as; the human body and nature whilst capturing movement.

    Eleanore Smith :

    Smith’s work focuses on the relationship between negative space, and the gesture of preformative mark making. Colour Palette is specific across all pieces as a series, finding a balance between surface and the beyond. There is a continuous tension between the self-conscious and the rehearsed.

    WE THE NORTH is a gallery and project space, created as a platform to give final year undergraduate art students from universities in the North, the opportunity to exhibit work outside of their institutional location. Offering up and coming artists the chance to create networks within Liverpool that can be used when they are no longer an undergraduate.