Metal: Process – ‘Still Be Here’

Metal: Process – 'Still Be Here'

Metal: Process – ‘Still Be Here’

Venue: Metal at Edge Hill Station
Date(s): 1.12.15
Time(s): 18:30 - 19:30

Process – ‘Still Be Here’ with Laurel Halo, Darren Johnston, Mari Matsutoya

Process is FREE but space is very limited. Order your free tickets via Metal Website

‘Process’ gives access to artists as they develop work at Metal. Part discussion, part sharing of work-in-progress, it’s a great opportunity to get close to the creative process.

This edition of Process will feature Laurel Halo, Darren Johnston and Mari Matsutoya as they discuss their ongoing project ‘Still Be Here,’ which sees the artists creating work around the fictional Japanese superstar Hatsune Miku.