Make. (Online): Maker Meetup #11

Make. (Online): Maker Meetup #11
Make. (Online): Maker Meetup #11

Venue: Make Liverpool
Dates: 26/05/2020
Times: 16:00 - 18:00

This event is a chance for the Liverpool city region’s community of makers, artists, thinkers and doers to get together every once in a while to showcase their work, meet other makers, and discuss the maker movement happening in the city. Or for anyone else who is interested in listening to a makers journey!

The eleventh installment of our Maker Meetup brings us another evening of all things making!

The event will consist of speakers from all different crafts, media and arts, both professional and hobbyists.

This time we are doing things a bit different, due to the current COVID-19 situation, we have decided to take the Maker Meet up online!!

The event will take place on Zoom, a link will be sent out to you half an hour before the event begins. This email will include instructions on how to join and any other key information. There will be a chance to ask questions at the end of all the talks.

Speakers to be announced soon.